29. September - 21. October, 2017 

'So Near and Yet So Far'  solo show

Opening reception: Friday 29 September 16:00

PLADS artspace: Vestergade 62 8000 Aarhus C  http://plads-artspace.dk

Open Tue-Fri 13-18  Sat 11-17

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Udstilling So Near and Yet So Far foto Ole Akhøj 3

Udstilling So Near and Yet So Far SequencesInRedTone foto Ole Akhøj 4

Foto: Ole Akhøj

25. Feburary - 10. September, 2017 

VERSUS  'TALISMAN – magic object'

 MG 2015

The artist group VERSUS challenges the idea of the talisman and presents it to us in a contemporary artistic and ceramic context. Hereby they make a topic of belief and superstition in a modern, rational world where, after all, faith might not be that absent. With their installation ‘TALISMAN – Magical Objects’ VERSUS invites us to explore, to wonder and maybe to find just the one talisman representing your actual needs. The strength of the bear, the inciting beat of life, ancient wisdom or perhaps the force to resist?

VERSUS: Ane Fabricius Christiansen / Camille Rishøj Nielsen / Lea Mi Engholm / Mariko Wada / Sissel Wathne

Exhibition concept and scenography: VERSUS 

Lighting: Anders Vejen Andersen

Thanks to: Danish Arts Foundation / 15. Juni Fonden / Beckett-Fonden / Knud Højgaards Fond / Ellen og Knud Dalhoff Larsens Fond / Middelfart Sparekasse

CLAY - Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark  https://claymuseum.dk

23. June - 22. September, 2017 

'Contemporary Japanese Crafts'

Opening 23. June 14-16          

Artist talk mandag 18. september 15:00  INFO

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Bornholmsmuseum - Hjorths fabrik, Rønne 


16. Decmber, 2016 - 19. Janurary, 2017


Group show: Line Busch (DK), Alysha Creighton (CAN), Hanne G., Rieko Hotta (DE), Christian Saucedo (MEX) og Mariko Wada (DK)

The Tactile explores the use of haptic and tactile materials; materials that have a special sensory appeal. The artworks in this exhibition speak to the audience’s senses through a great tactility; the visual sense activates the other senses so that you can almost feel the different textures, surfaces and spacialities.

Through a series of works, all characterized by a high degree of tactility, the exhibition investigates how thecontemporary art scene uses and experiments with materials and thereby opens up a unique experience andnewfound insights. The pieces rethink the materiality of art in a particularly sensory way to activate the body andsenses of the viewer.

GODSBANEN. Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C. Denmark   www.rethinkingmatter.com / Facebook

© Mariko Wada 2016