In the field of ceramics, I explore the relationship between expression and sensation using form, space, and tactility in different contexts. 

My working process includes conceptual idea development and studies on forms in ceramic material. Development of ideas and research of materials go hand in hand, and I strive to achieve a result at the end of the process, where the conceptual aspect, the form expression, and use of material unify on a higher level.

In the process of working with clay, I often find myself in situations, where the material does not behave as expected. Every time, it makes me realize, that clay has its own unique nature, which I find exciting and challenging to explore. During my working process, I carefully study and follow the behavior and nature of the material, and I feel as if it guides me to find a way to achieve unseen ceramic expressions, which by no way can be realized by forcing clay into something else than it is.

Mariko Wada 

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